Dear Future Boyfriend, 
I hope you know that I will be dragging you to watch World of Colors with me. No matter what. I will make you watch it with me. If you watched it before, then that’s too bad. Before the show starts, we will explore Disneyland - get Disneyland Bracelets, ride rides, take pictures when we’re there, and then hop to California Adventure. I just want to warn you that I hate rollercoasters. I will only ride California Screaming with you. Just saying. Also, we will be exploring lots of places and all of that. As long as I’m with you, I’ll be fine with where ever we go. 

  07/09/11 at 08:28pm
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    could a boy take me to disneyland once? and we’ll watch world of color together? that would be lovely to me.
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    Dear Future Boyfriend, I hope you know that I will be dragging you to watch World of Colors with me. No matter what. I...
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    I was actually thinking about this when I was there a few weeks ago.
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    IEFEHIREHBIE YES. but i love rollercoasters so……
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